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Creative | Production & Post | Good Captain

Animator & VFX Artist | Jay Ryan

VFX | Compositing | Motion Design | 2D | 3D | Animation

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"I Will Go Down With This Ship"

"Trump Super-Spreader"

"The Covid Positive President"

"Gaming The Throne"

"It's Magic!"

"Losers and Suckers"

"Let It Go!"

"Let's Take A Test"

"All By Himself"

"From The Art Of The Deal To The Art Of War"

"The Bunker Baby"

"Burn Before Reading"

"The Sound Of Silence"

"The 100,000"


"The White House Easter Egg Roll | 2020"

"The Virus"

"Softball Question"

"Night Court"

"Perfect Strangers"

"A Perfect Call"

"I Would Like You To Do Us A Favor Though"

"Dig That Moat"

"It Is Happening Again"

( 2020 Twin Peaks Town Hall )

"Trump Tax Inferno"

( Burn Baby Burn )

"Trump Fails"

( Windmill Cancer )

"Trump Twighlight Zone"

"Beto,Vito & Veto"

"Presidential Harassment"

"How To Conduct Oversight Correctly"

"Executive Time... And More Exective Time"

"The National Emergency Song"

"Pro-Russia Republicans"

"I Want A Wall, And I Want It Now!"

" # Where's Mitch? "

"The Wizard & Lie"

"Build Your Own Border Wall"

(Without Money From Mexico)

"West Wing Story"

"Mad Dog Mattis Goes Out With A Bang"

"Robo-Pence Malfunctions"

"Oscar Night On BMN"

(Worst Actor In The Senate)

"The Blue Wave"

(When We All Vote)

"The Doning"

 A Believe Me News  Halloween Special

"Lady Injustice"

(Brett Kavanaugh Is Seated On The Supreme Court)

"Judge Runner"

(For The Supreme Court)

"Weekend At Bretties"

"Brettweiser | King Of Beers"

"From Russia With Love"

"The Witch Hunter"

"Trump Hotels"

"Trump's American Carnage"

"Believe Me News | Launch Trailer"

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